Talking About My Books

A Unique Title For Me

I feel empowered when I can say something that is witty.  I work as a substitute teacher which requires me to inform the students of the lesson plan that their teacher left for them.  The other day my students finished their assignment and there was still time left in the class, so I told them a story from my first book, ‘Man’s Footprint in Water’.  They had just watched a short video about Jamestown, John Smith and Pocahontas and I told them that I had another story about the Virginia colony and I asked them if they wanted to hear it.

I told them this story from my book.  In the fall of 1609, several hundred European settlers were struggling to survive on swampy Jamestown Island, as they were riding out a brutal drought and hoping for boatloads of supplies to arrive.  By the following spring, after a horrific…

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