Design Codes

“Here, I got it! The product design and manufacturing instructions for this model …. Get going, guys. Production needs to start.”

“I managed to get some pieces through a buyback from the market. They do not work. The network cables and modems that we use now are different.”

“So, what is the solution?”

“Launch a new line of support equipment. I have got a few proposals from vendors, if we wish to outsource the process.”

“The cost is prohibitive”

“Then, redesign the product. We cannot drop a line completely. A demand exists in the market.”

“But who knows how to do it? Source the skill-set first.”

My silent thoughts ….

I wonder how evolution happened, and who designed our systems … the primates appeared to be good enough for the world. The biggest problem in the world, that the Creator has not archived any design documents. And here we are inventing our successors – robots with emotions. Will that line succeed?


The Challenge



Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 5

4 thoughts on “Design Codes

  1. Man attempting to become God – this story has really captured my imagination. To design and produce our successors, using the creator’s blueprints; what a brilliant idea! And how arrogant to think that the original design served any useful purpose on the planet, or that the new model will carry out a better job. I love it! You throw this amazing idea out where it could be caught by some other writer, and stolen to be made into a novel… have you ever thought of writing a novel? 🙂

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