The Quiet Achiever

He was no longer in his prime, though the spirit had not waned. Babyboomers were not a welcome word in corporates. Either they were seen as people who have clung to power for too long, or those who have lost touch with ground realities. Both the perceptions about Aman Verma were not true.

He had played a pioneering role in the company, and shaped up new businesses to compete with tech-savvy entrants. The world is going digital, and his tech qualifications helped. His initiatives won the most prestigious awards in the sector.

What troubled him was the growing lack of ethics in the organization. He was accused by the Board of not moving with the times.

“Profits matter. Customers keep moving from one organization to another. Quality matters, but only for the expected lifetime of a model.”

He remembered his last meeting with the legend, and carried the symbols he had so lovingly placed behind his desk, as he signed off from the job. He was a quiet achiever.

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