It is highly unlikely that a lion would let the grass grow on him. A rock has decided to imitate the royal animal, to attract attention. But will it succeed?

The silvery purity of water gets muddled as it flows ahead. It changes form with contamination, with experience of transformation through various states. It was a cloud, it was rain, it was snow, it was steam, it was ice and nobody knows how many more rounds of recycling will occur. It has continued to be a giver of life, as it justifies its extensive existence on the planet. It retains its value as a scarce and critical resource.

Our Lion Rock has been touched and washed by water innumerable times, but has failed to move. Given its state, it can at best be an anchor for vegetation, for aquatic life or a human who decides to spend some time sitting on it. It is dense matter, not open to convertibility. It is so dense, that it appears to be inanimate, and interactions are limited.

When we identify ourselves with our bodies, what do we choose to be? Do we really need the Pyramids of Egypt to preserve our dense matter?  We have a miniscule life span compared to the rock. It is the fluidity of the soul, which will ensure that we live, and impact the world, for aeons to come.


The supremacy of nature

dwarfs my existence

and then I think

I can communicate

with my soul

to overcome

to understand

and capture the essence

of life


#writephoto by Sue Vincent


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