The flyover gave a semblance of life to this part of town, as random vehicles sped past. People always looked for a signboard or person of some description to give an indication of the establishments in the red buildings. But the buildings just stood there majestic in their architecture, and devoid of spirit. Traffic was generally low, as vehicles just passed through. Nobody had a reason to stop there. Traffic practically comes to nought after sundown.

Enquiries revealed that non-resident Indians had invested in residential and commercial properties there, due to the world class facilities offered. Strangely, they did not succeed in getting tenants.

Folklore has it that the buildings come alive after dark. One can see lights through the windows, and some dark shadows moving inside. People have not been able to figure out, if those shadows are ghosts or criminals or terrorists nesting there.

On second thoughts, aren’t they all the same Non-human residents?


Sunday Photo Fiction

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