“The beginning and end are indications of a finite entity. If you see life as a journey from birth to death, it is finite, being a story of the mortal body. But the spirit is not.”

“Then, what is the spirit?”

“It is intangible, weightless, immeasurable and boundless. It is a part of me, but also connects me to the universe. Some people call it the soul, and see it as a small part of the universal energy. It is the connection that makes it boundless, like a river meeting the ocean.”

“Do I visualize this as a continuum?”

“It is more like a circle, with no sharp slots for high and low, first and last, fast and slow. I do see shades of light and dark. Our awareness creates illuminated areas, and the remaining is dark. We would continue to live on the other side of existence though, after what we perceive as death, the end of a body with limited capacity.”

“Can we fall inside or outside the circle? Does the circumference become a boundary?”

“I am afraid I am not evolved enough to know that. Matter and Energy are convertible. But can I become a planet, or the Sun or Moon? It will take many more lifetimes and a seer to make me understand that.”

This is a conversation between a teacher and disciple. I leave it to you to decipher, which voice is the teacher, and which is the disciple? Are the two interchangeable?


Saturday Mix- Opposing Forces

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