I experienced despair for the first time in life, when my baby brother was brought home, despite my ‘strict instructions’ to leave him behind in the maternity ward. A rival was born, along with the emotions of envy and unhappiness.

It took years to realize that it was only disappointment. My expectations from my till-then loving parents had not been fulfilled, for the sake of this cherub with pink cheeks, a not-so-pretty nose and a devilish, manipulative brain. I learnt how to manage my expectations, and prepare to win. I earned better grades in school than him, winning back some of that attention I had lost a couple of years ago.

I learnt how to strategize – to turn around disappointment, before it transformed to despair. It still helps. My parents and brother never realized what they had taught me.


makes me wiser than thou

Despair not, I still win


Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille at MLMM

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