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Exploration Challenge 3LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT

By Neel Anil Panicker

Remember students, you need a fantabulous vocabulary… eschew, virago, déjà vu, venal, rectitude…you must be able to roll off the meanings of these and words even more tougher in a jiffy, without batting an eyelid.

Besides, your understanding of the grammatical syntax needs to be perfect; modifiers, subject-verb agreement, adverbial clauses, conjunctives, subjunctives, hypotheticals, gerundial nouns et al.

Remember, you can bell the CAT if and only if you are the undisputed King of the Queen’s language.

If you do so the doors of the best B-schools will open for you. Otherwise…

Seated at her desk, two rows from the back, Roshni simply stared out to the front,

her face lost of all emotions, head bobbed to one side, eyes hooked to the front, transfixed at the white board and the man in…

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