Echos and Reflections

We are so dissimilar. Yet, I don’t know why I feel the need to connect …. and reconnect … and then do it again. Why? Just to hear voices from the other side of the spectrum. The thoughts that I relay sound different in the echo chamber on that side.

You look afraid. Seeing your reflections in the soul mirror that I hold scares you. It is not a magic mirror that you can smash. Reflections are more real than the self, as you wipe off the dust of illusions on your face.

Distance is the biggest connector to the self, when it spells out the word ‘DESTINY’. Incompatibility set us on a journey, and we found ourselves, far away from each other.

Watching the years

pass by so soundlessly

imprinting the soul

distilled experience helped

in finding my voice



Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #50

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