Not 50 yet!

“Damn me! I turned forty-nine today. Half a century next year…..”

“What’s your grouse?”

“I don’t know what’s happening in my life.”

“Get a handle on it.”

“Like what?”

“Health comes first. Be regular in your fitness routines. Then, your retirement plans….”

“Who wants to retire?”

“No? Then, better put yourself out there, and let people know what to expect from you. The world quickly forgets you, if you are not seen …..”



For JSW Writing Prompt 21-08-2017

11 thoughts on “Not 50 yet!

  1. belated birthday wishes to you 🙂
    I feel the scary decades starts from 30. I am going to be 29 next year. For the first time it is reminding me that 30 is nearing and am getting older. I wish our age graph went down after 30 😀 .. i.e after 30 it should be 29,28,27 and so on…

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