What is it that binds?

Expectations can be claustrophobic.

I need a set of rules to give direction to my life, but the ones that I write, the ones that allow me to be myself.

I refuse to carry the burden of their dreams and projection of their unfulfilled wishes.

Yet, when I return from the battlefield, battered and broken, I expect a warm hearth and welcoming smiles.

What is it that binds kinfolk to each other – a shared past or the gene pool?


In other words, kinfolk ….. at Patricia’s Place

5 thoughts on “What is it that binds?

  1. Once again deep thoughts from you, Reena. I think to some extent the gene pool binds us together but shared memories are stronger bindings for me, maybe because I am closer to a few friends than I am to my family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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