The Real World

The contestants were supposed to shoot the eye of the fish. The fish was fake and wooden, rotating like the blades of a fan on the top of a pole, and they were allowed to look only at the reflection in a tub of water beneath.

Arjun was the reluctant winner, who got to take the princess home. He did not look happy, and decided to share his misery with the ‘trophy’ he won,

“What made your father launch such a stupid contest? Are you guys looking for a mate, or hiring a good archer?”

“What made you participate?”

“I am the sponsored candidate. Four others will share the booty I won. I hit the fish at the wrong spot, and yet, I was declared the winner.”

“I don’t get what you are saying.”

“Be real, babe! This is the world of betting.”

(143 words)

P.S. This is a contemporary take on a story from the Mahabharat, where a prince Arjun, wins the hand of a princess in a similar contest, and is circumstantially compelled to share his wife with his four brothers.


8 thoughts on “The Real World

    1. As per mythology, in a previous reincarnation, she had asked for a husband with five qualities. The blessing from Lord Shiva was tricky – she will get it all, but in five different men. I wonder if there is a hidden message, that perfection does not exist.


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