Whirlpools in the Mind

when the storm subsides

life will be at its final destination

or just renewing itself

I suffer from a massive phobia, which has probably not found a medical term, as yet. It is the fear of my creativity ebbing away. When the senses start blurring, will the mind remain active? And how will I express myself without the senses or strong limbs?

I am not sure for how long, writing will survive as an art form. Will anyone read? Videos, 3D, Augmented Reality appear to be taking over the world. Just the other day, I experimented with creating art on Powerpoint, with the various shapes and effects available. Of course, more sophisticated tools are available, but I am yet to learn using those. My Google Home Assistant is not being put to proper use. It is just used to play music, or a novelty toy for my husband to play around with on weekends. I hope, it takes instructions from me, if my hands are not stable enough to use the mouse or keyboard.

But then, isn’t fear the biggest killer of creativity? Maybe, I start devising newer ways to use my ageing limbs. Maybe, I can wear a natural-looking mask, if I don’t look good enough for video. Maybe, I start connecting more with the outside world, which will further enhance me.

It may be just the beginning of another storm – of survival, fulfilment and dealing with inner demons. Storms do not die, they just move away from the nucleus of our existence – to return again from different pathways.

The neural pathways

in the brain keep assuming

newer forms and shapes

the center of my being

whirls around with torrents


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9 thoughts on “Whirlpools in the Mind

  1. Fascinating take Reena, I think writing will always be important. As long as you enjoy the process it will be relevant to you. Writing for each of us may have a use by date as yesterday a blog friend announced she is going to stop as she can’t find the motivation to write. But I think as long as the urge to write something and to respond exists, go for it.

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