Sakharam was not allowed to park his bicycle in the porch outside the office, or the parking lot. That space was meant for the shiny cars of executives. So, he found a space on the backside of the office to park his wheels.

It was not very convenient. Sakharam would run at least six errands in a day, to smoothen the functioning of the district office. His bosses added their personal errands. He would buy lunch for one, and get the cell phone repaired for someone else. The basket in front was also needed to buy vegetables in the evening, for his wife to cook dinner. He would often jest about it,

“I carry goodwill in the basket – of my boss in the office and home.”

The bicycle had been stolen today, despite the chain lock that he used to keep it in place. A FIR was lodged with the police. His boss called him in,

“Sakharam, I have approved the purchase of a new official bicycle for you today,” He continued with a grin, “Get it painted green again. It depicts forward movement- for the office and your house. And ensure that the crucial wheels always remain well oiled.”

(200 words)

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7 thoughts on “WHEELS

  1. “I carry goodwill in the basket” … What an outstanding life philosophy (and metaphor, since we don’t all have bikes, but most of us do have hands).

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