those green shoots of hope

emerging from parched soil

nature’s awesomeness

eggs delivering life

I bow with gratitude


do we ever know

the source of our sustenance

hydrating showers?

true love rains incessantly

to help retain sanity


Persistence of earth

in drawing nutrition from

deep, unseen sources

cracking up in the process

motherhood inspires.


Challenge of life

is giving back to the world

what we keep drawing

ungratefully, unaware

of being a borrower.


Inspired by the inimitable Sue Vincent at

Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto


9 thoughts on “Gratitude

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  3. A gorgeous poem, Reena. I did have to chuckle though … “cracking up in the process motherhood inspires.” I am sure my sons would agree…not so much about the inspiration, maybe, but definitely the cracking up 😉

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