Facets of darkness

A strange play of light and shadows dominates my life. In the physical world, the courtyard of my house displays varying lengths of shadows, as the sun makes it daily trip. Internally, I move from hope to despair several times in a day, as I coast along with the fictional characters that I create.

Influence of words

on minds is no less than

power of the sun

Today, the Sun spoke,

“Stay awake in the dark for a fortnight, and watch the myriad moods of the Moon. It teaches more about life than the steady path on which I move. I long for the rare event, when it touches me, and I soak in its wisdom. Survival is the key word, and the New Moon always spells hope, despite the darkness.”

Hail the Moon Goddess

it lives on borrowed light

ignites minds

I asked the moon if a meeting is possible. It assumed different shapes , and reflected different colors of light. The pretty vision I see, is a function of the Sun and the Sky, with clouds occasionally giving it a poetic dimension. What does its real face look like?

Darkness is my core

it kills me to inspire

from the depth of soul

let parts of me break away

reunite, become whole.

I salute the Moon silently. Unfortunately, earthlings admire its power, only once in four centuries.


Alternating Prose and Verse, inspired by

Colleen’ s Weekly Poetry Challenge #47

6 thoughts on “Facets of darkness

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