Do you hear me?

Every morning, I decide to free myself of the blogging addiction. And here I am, logged in again, carrying my disappointed self into a make-believe world, where voices are heard.

Sane voices, by and large, remain unheard.  Can we speak in a language that the insane understand? Write compelling stories, use popular media like videos and games and be the loudest voice. I need to rid myself of polarized thinking – “I failed, because I am not at the top.”

The world needs corrective action, not just America. Ask the right questions every day.

Maybe, I die feeling worthwhile ….


Inspired by Charli Mills at

August 17: Flash Fiction Challenge

Pic: shttefan via Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Do you hear me?

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  2. Sometimes it is the voice willing to speak its own truth that can be heard. But will others listen? Can insanity rationalize? I’m grateful for the rock solid voices who try. I don’t feel so alone in the global, online melee. Thank you for being part of a community of voices, sharing stories.

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