The first flush of recognition is more expansive and exhilarating than first love.

It happened way back in the nineties. Music was the only way that an introvert like me could express myself. She heard me, she stopped and her gaze remained fixed till the song ended. She moved away, without a single word of appreciation, but the gaze always pierced my psyche. There was the understanding and acceptance that I longed for.

Two decades later, she is my mentor in the world of music. She rules my creative life, and my wife has never envied my devotion to her.

(100 words)


Inspired by Bikurgurl at

100 Word Wednesday #Week 32

12 thoughts on “Mentor

  1. Our devotion to those who inspire us, prompt us to move forward, is so powerful. We can only send our sincere devotion to those who help us be our better selves. Fantastic as always, my writing friend ❤

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