This is the map of my country. A high degree of order is needed to hold together a nation with such amazing diversity. The beauty of chaos is that everything finds its own place, unless there is inherited rivalry or superimposed competition.

Unfortunately, people have isolated themselves, in an effort to maintain a distinct identity. We guard our water, we flow along with our different culture and rituals, unless there is a national challenge that unites. The underlying cohesion in the DNA emerges, submerging all in its expansiveness.

Connectedness reigns

to cut across the chaos

uniting minds

water flowing beneath rocks

challenging diversity


P.S. Incidentally, we celebrate 70 years of independence on 15th August this week, while the threat of war looms large on the Sino-Indian border.



Haibun inspired by TJParis at

TJs Household Haiku Challenge – Chaos



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