Compulsive Disorders

Orderliness choked

she found peace in chaos

beyond obsessions


TJ’s Household Haiku




  1. Whoa! Had to check your about page after reading your very profound haiku, beyond obsessions, and peace in chaos, I cant fully comprehend that state of mind. I hasten to , add not yours,, 😉 A lady of many attributes, psychology being one of them., thinks, yeah, should of said,, ‘many talents’. Pondering, trying to come to terms with your haiku, In a flash it came to me, Donald Trump to a ‘T,’


    1. Try living with a person who suffers from an OCD of some kind. I happened to know a lady, who made her family wash hands three times – in the bathroom, in the washbasin outside the bathroom and then, in the kitchen sink. The three represented an increasing level of purity in her mindset. She would not carry her towels inside the bathroom, for fear of contamination, and an attendant waited outside to hand over things as and when needed.

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