Handling Dissent

The whole controversy sparked by the sacking of James Damore by Google has highlighted the finer nuances of power struggles in corporates, unrelated to diversity and feminism. His views on his female colleagues cannot be justified by any means. The term ‘Menazis’ (as opposed to Feminazis) will soon be in circulation, thanks to Damore.

But do you see an embittered young man struggling to find his place in the world? The incident is a pointer to certain underlying conflicts in the system:

  • If resources and opportunities are limited, and the number of aspirants many, conflicts will take several forms.


  • Equal opportunities and blatant favouritism/lobbyism are two different stories in any organization. In case of the latter, how would a company choose to deal with the so-called ‘whistleblowers’?


  • Do corporates use policy as a tool to eliminate the rebels?


  • Who is sacrificed in case of a public outrage, or negative media coverage? From what ranks or lobbies do these people come from?


  • Who are Damore’s supporters in the company, and how will they be treated in future? How will it affect the functioning of the organization? Why do these people support him?


  • The political undercurrents of the issue become obvious when he refers to the ‘liberal Californian culture’.


I repeat that I am not a supporter of the views expressed by James Damore.

Image: iphoneeinstein.com


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