Slaves of Context

Howard Roark was slammed for building a flat Stoddard Temple in ‘The FountainHead’. It made humans feel tall, and not like pygmies in front of an imposing ceiling. God is only where you imagine it to be.
Are speakers placed on a high dais, only for visibility? Do performers dress in exotic clothes, only to suit the role? Meet the same person backstage, and you might rethink that much-coveted selfie with the star. They are so disappointingly human and ordinary.

Context sets the tone
for human interactions
misrepresents reality
keep turning prism mirrors
till you see
the real you.

(100 words)

100 Word Wednesday by Bikurgurl

One thought on “Slaves of Context

  1. Interesting juxtaposition on the architecture and the imagery of the the people regarding their relationships with each other and with God…thought provoking as always!! Thank you for joining us again this week ❤

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