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“Swamiji, you often talk about dissolution of the ego. But from a layman’s perspective, why should I surrender my identity?”

“Ego separates you from others. Ownership of resources has divided the world.”

“What will we achieve by doing that?”

“Synergy. The limited resources of the world are fast depleting, because we do not share. Sharing does not imply giving away something. It is just ensuring an optimum utilization, for the larger good. “

“The world population lives in vastly different geographies and climatic conditions. That itself has led to different mind-sets and lifestyles.”

“A hunger for power has exploited the divides, and converted geographies to territories.”

“But how does it impact the self?”

“The self is only enhanced, by interaction with others. We need not allow others to override or defeat us, just negotiate on equal terms. We enrich ourselves by connecting, and impoverish by dissociating. The advantages of addition and multiplication, over subtraction and division are well known.”

“I get it. Thank you for the value addition.”

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