Staying Integrated

All achievements make

my bosom swell with pride

and the world hates me

modesty connects ego

with social niceties

Life is all about sensitivity and balance – my needs with others, my feelings with others. Animals display it, and the jungle shows multiple nuances of relationships, other than the hunter and hunted. Strength is an attribute of the body, intellect an attribute of the mind, and care-giving of the soul.

comprehensive strengths

make us superior to

all other species

the challenge of life is

in staying integrated.


Poetry Sandwich is inspired by Colleen Chesebro at

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #45



4 thoughts on “Staying Integrated

  1. Love your work Ritu, you know I do, but humans superior, no, were the only species on planet earth that can’t understand that the majority of things we do are killing it, and time is running out. With much respect,


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