Spaces as Connectors

Art is the process of presenting reality in a different manner, to facilitate understanding and appreciation. I was obsessed with beautiful objects for the home, till I reached a point of Zen.

The much-loved objects have become clutter. Eyes dart across the room, looking for things, hitherto considered indispensable, and then, get used to the new found serenity. It is the novelty of the experience that attracts first, before moving to the underlying concept of peace and unity.

Beauty is only a matter of perception. Maybe, I tire of Zen tomorrow, and introduce a few highlights on the neutral background. One will only enhance the beauty of another.

The scum on water

creates awareness of the

purity within.




17 thoughts on “Spaces as Connectors

  1. Great response to the prompt. Especially love the haiku!
    I’m reminded of the “simplicity movement.” 🙂 Feng shui. Minimalism. Where the eye has the opportunity to rest and recognize the beauty rather than flitting though all the clutter. Yes indeed.

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