The New Recruit

A star performer, Aditya Kapoor, in the sales department had suddenly quit.

His incentives had not been credited on the due date, and he needed the money to pay his father’s hospitalization bill. He was piqued by the incident, and the competition had been smart enough to instantly lure him with a better offer.

The pressure on the bank was tightening due to a change in norms by the governing body, and sales targets were non-negotiable. Kapoor’s manager was served an ultimatum to hire, rehire or go out on the field himself, but deliver on the numbers. Oblique hints were dropped that ethics was not the prime concern in closing a deal, but getting the business was imperative.

Meanwhile, an investigation in the back office revealed that the error had occurred due to an incorrect code being uploaded in the system. The new recruit in data management, suddenly realized the importance of his mundane job, and how his performance could affect lives, mind-sets and action plans. It was a lesson he would never forget in life, and he wished somebody had educated him before.

He was now learning the nuts and bolts of the system, in the truest sense.

(199 words)


Inspired by Roger Shipp at

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner


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