I am the Watcher and the Watched

Being watched is an uncomfortable feeling. I do not like voyeurs or dictators peeping into my life and privacy. George Orwell painted a scary picture of “Big Brother” watching us, as a means to induce fear, and a slave mind-set in the targeted population.

But I would like somebody to have my back. A friend once put it beautifully,

“If you ask me to jump from this window, I will, without thinking twice. Because I know you will be there with a net or some support for me.”

How many of us are fortunate enough to have such omnipresent friends and well-wishers?

The same concept of being watched evokes totally opposite reactions.

it is the intent

which defines all actions

calls for reactions

I am less likely to go wrong, if I stay focussed on the spirit behind all that I encounter, read between the lines, and stay alert to non-verbal signals. People have learnt to manipulate every expression of theirs to deceive, and yet, there is an intuition that tells you this is fake.

take a keen look at

all the faces around

they tell you stories

which will define your world

till you decide to change

I am the watcher and the watched!


Inspired by Sue Vincent at

Thursday Photo Prompt -Watchers – #Writephoto


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