Starting afresh

Dr. Martha had answered all the messages with great care, with a special personalized touch of appreciation and gratitude. There was so much that close associates had added to her life in the last thirty-five years. She had chosen to remain single, and devote her life entirely to work.

Back home, she looked at the remnants of her sixtieth birthday celebration, on the table. All this adulation may not be there next year, as she moved to her hometown after retirement.

The canvas would change from a hospital to an old age home, and she had to paint life afresh.

(100 words)


Inspired by Rochelle Wisoff at

Friday Fictioneers



    1. I agree with you. But the retirement age in India is 58 or 60. And there are singles who prefer the cosy environment of a friendly home, rather than staying alone. Social friend circles have created closed homes, meant only for their fraternity.

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  1. Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine your life after retirement. My father, who is going to retire in a few days, says he just cannot sit idle, he will do something else. Your take on the prompt reminded me of what he would be feeling right now.

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  2. What a fantastic attitude!

    This is so similar to my mom’s story. She’s just like this — her cup runneth over, no matter how difficult life gets. I admire this type of heart, filled with unrelenting joy, so much.

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