The pleasure of a hunt takes me afar, while you are right here, in front of me. I ignore you in my quest for a sense of achievement. Who has ever been hailed for finding a treasure on the doorstep? And anything that chooses so mundane a place, does not qualify to be called a treasure. So, go hide yourself,  ….. give me the thrill of the chase.

The lure of lucre

hidden far away draws me

to the vast unknown.

I left my country ten years ago, looking for success. I hear that my brother who joined the family business is the richest man in town today. Who cares anyway? Both of us had lunged at each other from our boats, ten years ago, fought in the water, and assumed that the other had drowned.

swimming to the shore

or being rescued by ships

destinations lured

Today, I look for boats that take us to each other. The waters of life are strange.

Dizzying whirlpools

throw together like poles

when opposites fail


(Alternating prose and verse elements)

(173 words)


17 thoughts on “Whirlpools

  1. You don’t hunt or find hope
    You carry it with you
    The joy of life
    Is having hope

    My thought for the day,
    And yes inspired
    By your inspirational
    Prose and haiku
    Reena I thank you


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