Bit by Bit

Life has been an uphill struggle for me. Reality does not match my ambitions, and the causes are not always external. I need to develop a success mindset.

I battled with my genetic makeup, acquired personality traits and my reactions to the world, based on cumulative experience. Altering the crystalline structure that shapes my personality appears to be a life-long task.

The new signals that I send out, draw a certain response from others. If it is not favorable, I revise my strategy and recreate myself again.


Bit by bit, I put

myself together to break,

then reassemble again.


Inspired by Charli Mills at

Flash Fiction Challenge – Carrot Communications



10 thoughts on “Bit by Bit

  1. Your flash gives me much to ponder as I ponder how the waves and other rocks crack the surface. How unique we are, aside from rocks, that we can adjust our crystalline structure. Great flash!

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