She wondered if John was the same, silly teenager she had fallen in love with.

He had won several awards for his research on artificial intelligence. A part of their home was converted into a lab. She was the lucky owner of two robots, to do all the housework. She learnt a bit of programming, as the duties allocated to the robots were changed as per requirement.

Today was their fifteenth wedding anniversary, and she did not expect John to remember. She set reminders for him, through the robots, so that the day did not end in a disastrous fight. All appeared to be working well. There was a romantic note in her coffee tray, with flowers, which said “A surprise peps up life. I remember.”

Wow! She closed her eyes in anticipation of more during the day. John was not to be seen. She set up the table with lace, wine and red roses. She decided to read a romantic novel in the bedroom, till John came home from work, and dropped asleep.

The touch of cold metal woke her up. The infallible robot was trying to make love to her.

(Sigh) Her programming skills were not yet perfect.

(200 words)


Inspired by Random_Michelle at

Photo Fiction #97

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