“The boat is ready to take us back. The holiday ends.”

“Oh! How will I miss the peace and quiet of Nature!”

“Really? Will you miss existence at a primitive level?”

“Jeff, how can you ……   ?” Amanda looked disappointed.

“We have conquered nature to some extent, and built our civilizations.  We have created comfort zones with our intelligence. Only the disasters and environmental hazards remind us, that we are not perfect. There are bigger forces than us, and we need to live in harmony with nature.”

“Always the scientist”, Amanda sighed again.

“Be more intelligent than romantic, Amanda. A break from our routines is good, but not ultimate bliss. Respect the achievements of the human mind. It has survived on its own, though communication with nature is not perfect.”

“Okay, let us get back to our imperfections, and live with a higher level of awareness.”

They walked towards the boat in a different mindset.

(155 words)



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