Sunday Writing Prompt: Fly like a Falcon

*note: this week Oloriel is supposed to be your host, but I’m not sure if she will be here, so in case – I’ve offered you this. If she does post as well, you have a choice.

Sunday Writing Prompt: July 23: Fly Like an Falcon

Today is the first new moon before the Black Moon in August – a sister pairing if you will – and although it falls in Leo, here is your story board to contemplate:



I have committed the sins that I chose. But when I choose to do something, does it qualify to be called a sin? I enjoy my chocolate desserts, despite the groans of the weighing scale under me. It hurts my health, nobody else.

A sin is premeditated, intentional with a desire to overpower or subjugate.

My thoughts ring loud, “Is revenge a sin? It is just about getting even. And how would I love to do that…… like a falcon, and drop bombs on my enemies’ heads? Haha!

The New Moon sure impacts me. I happen to be a Leo.


Inspired by Sunday Writing Prompt

9 thoughts on “Sin

  1. Chocolate isn’t a sin – it’s a food group! LOL – and everything in moderation, or not – as the case may be or needs must 🙂

    thanks for playing the Sunday writing prompt Reena 🙂

    I like how you’ve presented this – and yeah, sometimes, to “give in” to the wealth of human emotions, it would be “wonderful” to fly and let the bombs drop! 😉

    As for the actual “definition of sin”? and a discourse on “revenge and vindication”? well, I guess the short answer is one can only follow one’s inner compass and code of ethics.

    As for the new moon? This one packs one heck of a punch – and if you are truly a Leo (I only say this because I’m not sure if this is just a “story line” ) – then it definitely adds an interesting dimension. But if you are a Leo – then happy double “new moon” – for however this influences you these next few months.

    Hope you have a wonderful week 🙂

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      1. well, then, Happy Birthday, for whenever it falls, and enjoy the “ride of the moon’s tides” – hopefully it will be a wonderful time for you 🙂

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