Remote Connections

We see the sky, but are unable to touch or feel it. And yet, we dance in gay abandon, faking the exhilaration. Actually, we are claustrophobic, but we dare not break through the enclosure. The fear of uncertainty overpowers us. Who would like a free fall, not knowing where you will land?

There is an exit door. But who controls it, and when will the remote switch go on or off?

The music gets louder, so does the director’s voice. It is all going well.

The viewers cannot see the insecurity on our faces, from that angle. And they are all so distracted .. with the phone in their hand, and snacks on their plate. Nobody watches television with complete focus.


Inspired by 

Sunday Photo Fiction

12 thoughts on “Remote Connections

    1. Thanks, Sascha! The winners in a reality show get all the exposure, but do we think about those who did not venture that far? I feel especially for kids, who see the negative side of a competitive world, before they are ready for it.

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