Ceilings are imposed, whether to protect or restrict.

And at times, we do perceive a restriction as protection. Like the curfew hour laid down by parents, for their children to return home. Or just the ubiquitous ceiling on your house, without which it would not qualify to be called a shelter or a home. How do you compare the comfort of a car, with the ‘cutting across the wind’ thrill and exhilaration of riding a bike?

What about the bird, that gets trapped inside, and desperately looks for an open window, to fly out? That is the state of an independent soul, being trapped in a restrictive situation. The ceiling is an obstacle, not a blessing any more.

Ceilings are artificial, imposed and created with a purpose. Whose purpose? It makes all the difference to create a mindset of acceptance or rebellion.

Ceilings are what define our personality, and seal it till we realize that it is possible to move beyond.


Inspired by Linda G Hill at

SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday


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