Her childhood was spent, torn between loyalty to her Indian grandmother, and an Indo-American mother. Tia dug into both ‘samosa’, and apple pie, with equal love, and kept both the warring women happy. It had been a way of life with her. Her father disapproved of the diet, but remained silent, as he struggled to balance himself, between the women in his family.

Tia grew up to be a temperamental teenager, swinging between multiple relationships, not good for her.

Today, she decided to give up her chocolate addiction. She weighed close to two hundred pounds, and was single again.

(99 words)

Note: Samosa is a savory Indian pie, with a vegetable or mincemeat filling.


Inspired by Charli Mills at

July 20- Flash Fiction Challenge


13 thoughts on “Tia

  1. Reena, you mastered many complexities in 99 words — family tension, power struggles, temperament, the role of food and in the end, a claim to regain control over one’s self. Great writing!

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    1. Thank you! A girl, who was unfortunately the middle one amongst 3, earned a rare compliment from her parents for ‘clearing the plate’ completely. She continued that behavior into her adult years, because it earned approval, and was undergoing consultation for weight loss.

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