Ensemble is an upmarket boutique for designer threads, and cars with international number plates parked outside, are not a rarity. Unusual was the figure that stepped out of it.

There was Julia, the poor cousin, who had grown up on hand-me-downs from me, and whom I had not met for long . The initial exchange of pleasantries being over, I said snootily.

“I assist Wendell Rodricks, in fashion design.”

Julia exclaimed,

“Wow! Today’s appointment is with him. My husband is the Israeli Ambassador, and we live downtown in Cuffe Parade. You must come over to our place after this.”


Inspired by Rochelle Wisoff at

Friday Fictioneers

28 thoughts on “Unanticipated

  1. A dialogue between two ladies is always interesting. Julia had climbed the ladder on the strength of her talent while Julia’s rich cousin flaunts her wealth and her status courtesy her husband. that is the difference between them. well articulated to highlight the class difference.
    Wendell Rodericks clothes are classy.

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  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Excellent! I actually had dinner at the former Israeli ambassador’s house a couple of years ago. SO enjoyable. I didn’t see Julia there, but …

    Five out of five Stars of David.

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