The calm of the hinterland attracts me. It gives me a break from the oceanic life. Being the captain of a ship is not exactly a cakewalk, navigating to beat the winds and whirlpools.

Nature manifests

inner turmoil, and gifts


A holiday in a wild life sanctuary was all that I needed for peace. Who knew that I will meet the love of my life, a tribal beauty? Now, to convince her parents and mine ….

The prerogative

of making the best choice

is always human

Will she, won’t she adapt to my lifestyle? What if the tsunami of passion ebbs in the middle of the ocean?  What will happen, when life takes me back to the civilization that I am addicted to?

Rain or sunshine

uncertainty prevails in

life and nature

cloudy skies direct

all my deliberate steps


Haibun (Prose and poetry, alternate) inspired by Colleen Chesebro at

Colleen’s weekly #Poetry Challenge


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