One step at a time

He looked at the picture of his father on the wall. The two guys had shared a special bonding, after his mother died young.

Together, they learnt to manage their lives, taking ‘one step at a time’, as his father would always say. Jack worked part-time at small jobs, to finance his education. He married his childhood love, Martha, and had two lovely kids. His family occupied the highest priority in his life.

Finally, he had reached there … almost. The Managing Director was due to retire, and Jack was one of the strong contenders for the post.  Today, the MD had called him in to say,

“Jack, you are being appointed the Deputy Managing Director of the company. The Board respects your wide experience and expertise, and you are the best person to assist Rick Claydon.”

Claydon was a Harvard graduate, fifteen years younger to Jack. Jack had three more years to retire.

“Dad, taking one step at a time is not the best policy, if you let the grass grow under your feet.”

(175 words)


Inspired by Priceless Joy at

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

12 thoughts on “One step at a time

  1. How harsh, and how sadly real, when someone is promoted over you to the place you wanted. Well, perhaps it’s for the best: the top job also comes with the most stress, and Jack might be better off actually enjoying his last few years of work.

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