Film Noir, Act 36

Exquisite imagery!

lillian the home poet

Graveyard journey.
Ghosts whisper, dance,
twist, shimmer.
Breeze skips through leaves.
Clouds balloon, curl, drizzle,
storm bubbles open.
Lightning sparks, sounds echo.

Dawn spills, melts rose-red.
Peppered blood-shadows
scar green spring grass.
Nervous giggle jars grin,
breath flickers.
Cue still lull,
death lurks near.

cemetery-1742248_1920[INCLUDES ALL THE WORDS THUS FAR]
Grace hosts Quadrille Monday today at dVerse,  And it is the 6th anniversary of dVerse! Quadrille Mondays are held every other week. Quadrille: a poem of exactly 44 words, sans title. Each time a word prompt is given: week #1 = Quadrille #1 and 1 word; Week #2 = Quadrille #2 and a new word; etc.  We build to Quadrille # 44 in week 44 with still another word. We’re on Week #36  and the prompt word is “flicker.”  Past words this series have included pepperdance, bubble, grin, lull, melt, shimmer, twist, skip, green, breeze, spill, rose, journey…

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