Cassandra’s Curse

The Writing Reader

Prompt #3054 Seeing Into the Future

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story or scene involving a character who can see the future.
Journaling Prompt: Would you like to see the future? Why or why not?
Art Prompt: Seeing into the Future
Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about the history of prophecy.
Photo Credit: Cassandra (Stratford Gallery) on Wikimedia


“In Greek mythology, Cassandra, daughter of the king of Troy, had the power to foresee the future. But, she was also cursed and no one believed her prophecies,” said the study’s lead author, Gerd Gigerenzer, PhD, of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. “In our study, we’ve found that people would rather decline the powers that made Cassandra famous, in an effort to forgo the suffering that knowing the future may cause, avoid regret and also maintain the enjoyment of suspense that pleasurable events provide.” –Science Daily

No wonder Cassandra failed, and it was not because of the curse.

Each time she predicted the future, someone in the present acted in a manner, which would cause the future to change. And the blame lay squarely on Cassandra.

There were many who preferred to live in anticipation – of fulfilment of their hopes and dreams, or just enjoyed the unpredictability of life. A certain and known future just spoilt the fun of living.

Once, in a trance-like state, Cassandra saw the end of the world. Darkness covered everything, as the stars fought a valiant battle to light up the earth, but failed. As soon as she spoke about it, the Moon God appeared,

“I will grow every night, from today, and this night will be called a New Moon, not the darkest night of the month. This night will emphasize new beginnings, which blossom into something beautiful.”

Fire made an appearance, and people joined in. Lamps were invented, and then electricity. Together, they had found ways to beat the darkness.

Hope has ruled the world, ever since. Pessimism and doom are Cassandra’s curse on the world, and the affected people suffer from a condition, similar to hers, called Depression.





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