Evil Spirits

The Municipal Corporation would have pulled down the dilapidated structure long back, but for the fears of the neighbourhood residents.

They would hear weird sounds late in the night, and believed that there were evil spirits inside. The fear was of those spirits being let loose on all and sundry, in absence of the structure that housed them. The residents had blocked the entrance with some plants, which were supposed to ward off evil. I could never understand why plenty of space was left open on the sides, for entry or exit.

However, this was a different Sunday morning. Police vans had surrounded the place, and armed cops had taken their positions. Messages were relayed on a loudspeaker, asking the inmates to surrender, but there was no response. The crowd watched with bated breath to see the emergence of ghosts, but was surprised to see gunfire being returned.

Terrorists had been occupying the place for long, and some of them had spread the rumors about the house being haunted. After a close battle for eighteen hours, the police entered the building, and found five bodies of criminals, who had swallowed cyanide capsules.

Evil spirits, indeed! They were not caught alive.

(200 words)


Inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction



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