Sharing Laddoos with Little Ganesha

Alex stood transfixed for a moment, and then, ran back to his room, screaming

“There is an elephant riding on a rat ………….”

What elephant??? What rat???

The five-year old Alia woke up from her sleep, trying to make sense of things. She saw a white cardboard cut-out wrapped in a white sheet fall on the ground, and her devilish brother Alex, running out.

What could have happened to Alex? He brought in that monster to scare her out of wits. But what scared him off instead?

She turned to the book besides her pillow, and smiled. Little Ganesha had stepped out of the book cover, to help. He promised that in her dreams.

It was her little secret, which she did not want to share with her family. She had a friend in Little Ganesha. All she had to do was share the ‘laddoos’ her mother gave her.


P.S. Laddoo is an Indian sweet made of chickpea flour, clarified butter and sugar.


Inspired by Sammi Cox at

Weekend Writing Prompt – Guardian




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