Miracle Point

Amy got an eerie feeling, as her camera zoomed in on Miracle Point. She could not muster the courage to take a tourist boat ride to that point.

Legend has it that several boats and ships have crashed against the rock here, despite being mechanically sound, and following all navigational instructions. It was as if an unseen force inside the ocean pulled them. Some miraculously survived, and returned to tell the tale. Some were not so lucky, and there were those who just disappeared. The world did not know, if they were dead or alive.

Amy felt the eye in the rock staring at her. She tried to decipher the expression, but was distracted by the shadows of many more faces on the rocks. She felt the shadows moving, as if they wanted to speak – mysterious shadows cast in stone. Was she seeing the people who disappeared?

There was certainly a story behind the place. It was the eye who decided to forgive or punish people, after drawing them to its zone. It was an occult scientist’s job to interpret and report, even if she had to lose herself in the process.

Finally, Amie decided to take the boat ride.


Inspired by Roger Shipp at

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner -2017- Week 28



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