It is great to receive a long-awaited message, but what if the messenger is ominous?

Mia, the daughter of an army officer, had grown up with cats and birds in the house. Surprisingly, her cats and pigeons were friends, and lived in complete mutual trust. She loved shooting those unusual kitty videos, and posting them on social media.

The sight of a raven swooping down on her courtyard, with sharp precision unnerved her. It appeared to be holding something. Her grandmother decided to shoo the bird away, and made threatening sounds, but it wouldn’t budge. Its eyes had the sharp look of a soldier on a mission.

Loyal pigeons know only the path home. Could she trust a raven? The bird is darker, more intelligent and finds a route to suit its convenience. She awaited a message from her childhood pal, a nuclear scientist, who was now studying abroad for a doctorate. He did not communicate much, due to a constant vigil on his outward communication.

She stretched out her hand to receive the object from the raven, not knowing that her friend had meanwhile, signed up as an espionage agent.

The cat poised herself to attack the stranger bird.



Inspired by Sue Vincent at

Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto-messenger

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