Shiny Objects

Why did John have to place the jar with those shiny junk pieces on her desk?

The beautiful painting on the left, and the greenery outside inspired her to weave poetry. The unseasonal showers had lent a dewy look to the garden, and the sun was now peeping through a rainbow. She wished he had placed flowers or chocolates in the container instead.

But how could she expect that from her celebrity husband, with a personality disorder? She proceeded to shut the window, before Hope sprouted within her dried up existence.

Her A-list life was nothing more than junk inside.


Inspired by Rochelle Wisoff at

Friday Fictioneers

24 thoughts on “Shiny Objects

  1. Would you believe I knew someone like that? He didn’t want to go through treatment (he had depression in this case) because he was in the public eye and all eyes would be on him. You wrote a very incisive story from the wife’s point of view and I wonder just what she might have thought. I like this story, Reena. Bravo!

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