Living in parts

Liberation appeared to be a distant dream.

She eyed the world outside with hope, and saw only desire. It seemed as if people sold their souls before entering the red streets, and carried only their maniacal bodies. She saw human beings in parts, never an integrated whole with a mind and soul. Julie had been tortured in every possible way. But she did not give up her quest to get out of the brothel.

Life had assumed a new shape today, with another pair of hands joining her. Not only the hands, a  whole human being had thrown her weight behind her, and shared her quest to break the walls.

Success appeared to be imminent, as she revelled in the wholeness of being.


Inspired by Random_Michelle at

Photo Fiction #95

6 thoughts on “Living in parts

  1. I like this take on the image. As far as I know, three of us have carried out the challenge, and we’ve each pulled an entirely different story out of it, involving very diverse emotions. I find that fascinating.
    The mood of this poetic piece of flash is positive and uplifting. Your wording is immaculate. I love it.


      1. I’m not usually surprised by the varying stories inspired by an image, but I could only see abuse when I looked at this one this one.
        I realise that it says something about me. I wonder what a Rorschach test would tell a psychiatrist about me 🙂

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