I write, and yet fail to take the message to the masses. They do not know of my existence, or what I think or write. But, if a musician friend is kind enough to weave my words into a song, it will be on several lips. The musical notes will hit the right spots. The people will still not bother about my existence, but hum and share whatever strikes a chord with them.

The art of life

is to let music be

the language of the soul

Experience need to pass through senses, before reaching the mind. I need an appropriate medium with the fluidity to seep through minds, and the gaseous state to spread everywhere. Images and sounds have an instant reach. These are the carriers needed for all breakthrough ideas and innovative thoughts. The role of words is only to create a mental image to see, or weave an atmosphere to feel.

Success lies in

meeting somewhere inside

you, me …. wordlessly.


Haibun (Alternating prose and poetry) Inspiration

Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #41

Image source: Pinterest

9 thoughts on “Wordlessly

  1. I think that is where us humans make the mistake, there is no unending supply of anything, and were pretty close to running out everything. The problem with the latter is people ether don’t, or don’t want to understand, then there is those that just don’t care. In essence Charles Simic is correct, apart from the last bit, with much respect,


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  2. WOW! Love every word, that last haiku said it all, in silence, its words now transcribe on my sole. The first one and your haibun inspired the following:

    music… food of love
    I beg for double portions
    pinch… ouch… yes… dreaming

    Watch out for a pingback 🙂

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