Vantage Point

It is an exhilarating feeling.

The vagabond lingers on, lazily on the terrace, under the false impression that the clouds are trying to touch him. He looks at the tiny people and buildings down below, and feels like God. ‘Every dog has his day’ is not just a phrase.

Then, the doubts started creeping up, to that altitude. Is he in a position of advantage, or just disconnected from the world? The top is a lonely place, and probably the world below has not noticed his existence. What should he do to attract attention?

Suddenly, he is distracted by the fumes of smoke arising from a factory …. It is probably Sector 49. It is the only factory in that place, with high chimneys.

He pulls out his phone to inform the fire brigade, and rushes down to inform people about taking an alternate route.

Seeing from a vantage point does help.

(152 words)


Inspired by Priceless Joy at

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge

Pic: Grant Sud

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