Face to Face

Carla Scott wanted nothing more in life than to own a little bookshop in the coastal town she’d grown up in.

Books are fast going out of fashion, as the world goes digital. But she refused to give up her dream. She had taken early retirement, and returned to this small town, after a successful career in publishing. She started youth clubs  to familiarize them with the pleasures of offline reading, and wrote regular columns in the local newspaper.

“Good initiative! But you need to promote your business online. There is no other way to reach the millennials”.

The deep-throated voice made her look up, as the man took off his glares. The world stopped, as she became acutely aware of her excess pounds, and the lines on her face. She was no more the beauty that this man had once loved.

She reassured herself that it did not matter. Her husband of thirty years loved her as she was.

“What’s taking you so long, honey? People are waiting for you at the luncheon meet.”

The speaker was a young, breathtakingly beautiful girl. Was she/ could she be his wife?

Once again, the lines on her face assumed larger-than-life importance.


Inspired by MLMM at

First Line Friday – July 7th

Image: national.ca



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